Arbitrum Nova API Overview

Mobula API is pleased to announce support for Arbitrum Nova, Arbitrum’s latest chain optimized for gaming and social applications, providing low-cost and high-speed transactions. This integration allows developers to tap into the unique capabilities of Arbitrum Nova, enriching the user experience in decentralized applications focused on interactive and social functionalities.

Octopus - Market API

  • Access to Market Data: Secure timely and historical market information for assets on Arbitrum Nova, vital for developers requiring comprehensive market analysis to inform application features.
  • Batch Market Data Retrieval: Simplify the process of gathering market data for multiple Arbitrum Nova assets, crucial for performing broad market evaluations efficiently.
  • Discover Trading Pairs: Identify key trading pairs within the Arbitrum Nova ecosystem, essential for enabling fluid exchange and trading operations within applications.
  • Comprehensive Trading Pair Compilation: Aggregate an extensive list of trading pairs available on Arbitrum Nova across various platforms, providing a wide-angle view on trading options and liquidity.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Holdings Analysis: Explore the diversity of NFT holdings in Arbitrum Nova wallets, a critical feature for marketplaces and collectors focusing on gaming and social digital assets.
  • Historical Wallet Value Assessment: Examine the historical financial performance of wallets on Arbitrum Nova, offering insights into the economic behaviors within gaming and social applications.
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Oversight: Monitor the composition of cryptocurrency holdings within Arbitrum Nova wallets, indispensable for users managing diverse asset portfolios.
  • Transaction History Insights: Retrieve detailed records of wallet transactions on Arbitrum Nova, promoting transparency and trust in financial activities.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Cryptocurrency and Asset Listing: Catalog all cryptocurrencies and digital assets available on Arbitrum Nova, facilitating asset discovery and integration.
  • Asset Search by Name: Allow for efficient location of Arbitrum Nova assets through name searches, enhancing the developer’s ability to incorporate specific assets.
  • In-depth Metadata Collection: Obtain detailed metadata for assets within the Arbitrum Nova network, equipping developers and users with valuable information for decision-making.

Example Use Cases

  • Gaming and Social DApps: Utilize Arbitrum Nova to build or enhance decentralized gaming platforms and social applications, benefiting from the chain’s low fees and fast transactions.
  • Market Analysis for Interactive Apps: Leverage detailed market data from Arbitrum Nova to develop analytic tools tailored for the gaming and social sectors, offering insights into asset trends and user engagement.
  • Advanced Wallet Features for Gamers and Social Users: Provide enriched wallet functionalities catering to the specific needs of users in gaming and social ecosystems, facilitating seamless management of digital assets and currencies.

Getting Started

Integrate Arbitrum Nova’s distinct features into your projects by acquiring a Mobula API key. Dive into our comprehensive documentation, which includes guidelines and sample codes, to ensure a smooth development process tailored to interactive and social applications.