Klaytn API Overview

Mobula API extends support to Klaytn, a blockchain platform designed for mass adoption with a focus on user-friendly blockchain experiences. Our API offers efficient integration with Klaytn, providing access to its diverse functionalities for mainstream applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Get Market Data: Access market data for Klaytn assets, essential for up-to-date pricing and market cap information.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve batch market data for several Klaytn assets simultaneously.
  • Get Market Pair: Identify trading pairs for Klaytn assets, key for trading platforms and exchanges.
  • Get All Pairs: Enumerate all trading pairs for Klaytn across different exchanges.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Examine NFT holdings in Klaytn wallets, significant for NFT platforms and collectors.
  • Get Historical Net Worth: Track the historical net worth of Klaytn wallets.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: View cryptocurrency holdings within Klaytn wallets.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Access the transaction history of Klaytn wallets.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: List all cryptocurrencies available on Klaytn.
  • Search by Name: Easily find Klaytn assets by name.
  • Get Metadata: Obtain detailed metadata for assets on Klaytn.

Example Use Cases

  • User-Friendly DApp Development: Integrate Klaytn’s features into DApps focused on ease of use and mass adoption.
  • Market Analysis Tools: Utilize Klaytn’s market data for insightful financial analysis.
  • Wallet Services: Provide comprehensive wallet functionalities for Klaytn users.

Getting Started

Register for a Mobula API key to begin integrating Klaytn functionalities. Our documentation offers comprehensive instructions and example codes for a smooth development experience.