Scroll API Overview

Mobula API now extends its support to Scroll, a Layer 2 scaling solution leveraging zkRollups for Ethereum. This addition empowers developers to integrate Scroll’s efficiency and privacy-enhancing features into their DApps, fostering the development of scalable and secure blockchain applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Market Data Acquisition: Fetch real-time and historical data for assets on Scroll, crucial for DApps that necessitate accurate financial insights for their functionalities.
  • Batch Data Collection: Efficiently obtain market data for a range of Scroll assets, key for conducting expansive market analyses with minimal overhead.
  • Trading Pair Identification: Determine relevant trading pairs for Scroll assets, essential for facilitating seamless trading experiences within decentralized platforms.
  • Extensive Trading Pair Listings: Gather a broad listing of all trading pairs on Scroll across multiple exchanges, offering a panoramic view of the market landscape.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Asset Exploration: Inspect NFT collections stored in Scroll wallets, important for NFT marketplaces and collectors seeking to leverage Scroll’s scalability and privacy.
  • Historical Valuation Analysis: Track the historical value of wallets on Scroll, providing insights into asset performance and trends over time.
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking: Monitor the diverse cryptocurrency holdings in Scroll wallets, crucial for portfolio management and optimization in a scalable environment.
  • Comprehensive Transaction History: Access detailed transaction histories for Scroll wallets, enhancing transparency and security for financial operations.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Cryptocurrency and Asset Cataloging: Enumerate all digital currencies and assets available on Scroll, aiding in comprehensive asset discovery and integration efforts.
  • Streamlined Asset Search: Enable rapid location and integration of Scroll assets by name, simplifying asset inclusion in development projects.
  • Rich Metadata Acquisition: Secure detailed metadata for assets on Scroll, providing developers and users with essential information to inform their interactions.

Example Use Cases

  • Scalable Application Development: Deploy Scroll to create or enhance DApps requiring high throughput and low fees, without compromising on security or privacy.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: Utilize Scroll’s market data to build financial analysis tools that offer deep insights into asset valuations and market dynamics on a scalable Layer 2.
  • Enhanced Wallet Functionality: Offer advanced wallet features that capitalize on Scroll’s Layer 2 advantages, facilitating efficient asset management and secure transactions.

Getting Started

Kickstart your integration of Scroll features by securing a Mobula API key. Our detailed documentation provides clear guidelines and sample codes, paving the way for a streamlined development experience tailored to leveraging Scroll’s Layer 2 solutions.