Oasis Sapphire API Overview

Mobula API now extends support to Oasis Sapphire, a privacy-focused blockchain platform from Oasis Network, designed to enable confidential smart contracts and secure data processing. Our API integration opens the door for developers to harness Oasis Sapphire’s unique privacy-preserving capabilities, enriching the development of secure and confidential decentralized applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Access Market Data: Obtain current and historical market data for assets on Oasis Sapphire, critical for DApps that require up-to-date financial insights for their operations.
  • Batch Market Data Retrieval: Streamline the collection of market data across multiple Oasis Sapphire assets, essential for conducting thorough market research with ease.
  • Identify Trading Pairs: Discover trading pairs specific to Oasis Sapphire assets, crucial for facilitating efficient and confidential transactions within exchanges.
  • Compile Comprehensive Trading Pairs: Amass a detailed listing of all trading pairs available on Oasis Sapphire, providing a broad perspective on the platform’s trading ecosystem.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Explore NFT Holdings: Investigate the holdings of NFTs within Oasis Sapphire wallets, vital for marketplaces and collectors focusing on privacy-protected digital art and assets.
  • Track Historical Wallet Valuations: Analyze the past financial performance of wallets on Oasis Sapphire, offering valuable insights for privacy-centric investment strategies.
  • Monitor Cryptocurrency Portfolios: Oversee the assortment of cryptocurrency holdings in Oasis Sapphire wallets, indispensable for users prioritizing privacy in their asset management.
  • Review Detailed Transaction Histories: Access in-depth transaction logs for Oasis Sapphire wallets, ensuring secure and confidential tracking of asset movements.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Cryptocurrency and Asset Cataloging: List all digital currencies and assets available on Oasis Sapphire, aiding in the discovery and integration of privacy-focused assets.
  • Facilitate Asset Searches by Name: Enable efficient searches for Oasis Sapphire assets through name queries, improving the asset discovery process for developers.
  • Acquire Rich Metadata: Obtain comprehensive metadata for assets on Oasis Sapphire, providing developers and users with essential information for informed interactions.

Example Use Cases

  • Development of Confidential DApps: Leverage Oasis Sapphire to create or enhance decentralized applications that require strong privacy protections for smart contracts and data processing.
  • Privacy-Enhanced Financial Analysis Tools: Utilize Oasis Sapphire’s market data to develop financial tools that offer insights without compromising user confidentiality.
  • Secure Wallet Functionality: Offer advanced wallet services that utilize Oasis Sapphire’s privacy features for confidential asset management and transactions.

Getting Started

Embark on integrating Oasis Sapphire’s privacy-enhancing features by acquiring a Mobula API key. Our comprehensive documentation offers clear guidance and example codes to streamline your development efforts, enabling the creation of secure and private blockchain applications.