Arthera Testnet API Overview

Mobula API proudly introduces support for Arthera Testnet, a simulated environment for developers to experiment and test applications on the Arthera blockchain platform. Arthera Testnet provides a sandbox environment for developers to deploy and interact with smart contracts, digital artworks, and other features without using real funds.

Octopus - Market API

  • Simulated Market Data Access: Access simulated market data for digital artworks on Arthera Testnet, allowing developers to test applications requiring market insights in a controlled environment.
  • Efficient Batch Data Retrieval: Fetch simulated market data for multiple digital artworks on Arthera Testnet in a single query, enabling comprehensive testing and analysis of market functionalities.
  • Trading Pair Simulation: Simulate trading pairs within the Arthera Testnet ecosystem, facilitating testing of transactions and trades on the simulated art marketplace.
  • Comprehensive Trading Pair Listings: Access a comprehensive list of simulated trading pairs available on Arthera Testnet, providing developers with a detailed overview of the simulated art trading environment.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Test Artwork Portfolio Examination: Investigate simulated digital artwork collections held in Arthera Testnet wallets, important for testing applications and interactions in the simulated art marketplace.
  • Historical Test Artwork Valuation Tracking: Monitor the historical valuation of simulated digital artworks on Arthera Testnet, providing insights for testing investment strategies and market functionalities.
  • Test Cryptocurrency Portfolio Oversight: Manage and track simulated cryptocurrency holdings within Arthera Testnet wallets, crucial for testing application features and interactions involving digital assets.
  • Detailed Test Transaction Histories: Access detailed transaction histories for activities conducted on Arthera Testnet wallets, ensuring transparency and trust in simulated art transactions.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Digital Artwork Catalog: Access a catalog of simulated digital artworks available on Arthera Testnet, aiding in testing and experimentation with digital art functionalities.
  • Artwork Search by Name: Allow for efficient search of simulated artworks by name within the Arthera Testnet ecosystem, facilitating testing and interaction with specific digital assets.
  • Rich Metadata Retrieval: Obtain detailed metadata for simulated digital artworks on Arthera Testnet, providing essential information for testing and development purposes.

Example Use Cases

  • Smart Contract Testing: Utilize Arthera Testnet to deploy and test smart contracts for decentralized art marketplaces, ensuring functionality and security before deploying to the mainnet.
  • Application Development: Develop and test decentralized applications (DApps) that interact with digital artworks and smart contracts on the Arthera Testnet, enabling rapid prototyping and iteration.
  • Market Simulation: Simulate art market dynamics and interactions on Arthera Testnet to study and analyze potential market behaviors and trends in a controlled environment.

Getting Started

To begin testing applications and smart contracts on Arthera Testnet, obtain a Mobula API key and explore our comprehensive documentation for guidance and sample codes, enabling a seamless testing experience and empowering you to develop and deploy robust applications on Arthera Testnet.