Boba API Overview

Mobula API extends its support to Boba, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that aims to enhance the capabilities of Ethereum with faster transactions and lower fees. Our API enables developers to harness Boba’s efficient transaction processing for a variety of applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Get Market Data: Gain real-time and historical market data for Boba assets.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve batch market data for various Boba assets in a single request.
  • Get Market Pair: Identify trading pairs for Boba assets, key for trading and financial applications.
  • Get All Pairs: List all trading pairs for Boba across different exchanges.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Explore NFT holdings in Boba wallets, important for NFT marketplaces.
  • Get Historical Net Worth: Track the historical net worth of wallets on Boba.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: Monitor cryptocurrency holdings within Boba wallets.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Retrieve transaction histories for Boba wallets.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: Obtain a list of all cryptocurrencies available on Boba.
  • Search by Name: Easily find Boba assets by name, streamlining asset discovery.
  • Get Metadata: Acquire detailed metadata for assets on Boba.

Example Use Cases

  • Scalable DApps: Leverage Boba for developing scalable decentralized applications.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: Use Boba’s market data for comprehensive financial analysis.
  • Layer 2 Solutions: Implement Boba’s Layer 2 scaling solutions in Ethereum-based projects.
  • Wallet Functionality: Provide enhanced wallet services for Boba, including fast transaction processing.

Getting Started

Register for a Mobula API key to begin integrating Boba features. Our documentation provides detailed instructions and sample codes for efficient development.