Canto API Overview

Mobula API now includes support for Canto, a blockchain tailored for DeFi that prioritizes speed and cost-efficiency. Our API facilitates seamless Canto integration to enhance the utility of Ethereum-based applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Get Market Data: Obtain real-time and historical market data for Canto assets, crucial for applications requiring precise market insights.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Pull batch market data for various Canto assets in a single request, perfect for expansive market analysis.
  • Get Market Pair: Uncover trading pairs tied to Canto assets, critical for trading platforms and financial apps.
  • Get All Pairs: List all trading pairs for Canto across diverse exchanges.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Explore NFT collections in Canto wallets, essential for NFT marketplaces and digital art collectors.
  • Get Historical Net Worth: Assess the historical net worth of wallets on Canto.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: Check cryptocurrency balances within Canto wallets.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Retrieve detailed transaction histories for Canto wallets.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: Catalog all cryptocurrencies available on Canto.
  • Search by Name: Search for Canto assets by name, streamlining asset discovery.
  • Get Metadata: Acquire extensive metadata for assets on Canto.

Example Use Cases

  • Scalable DeFi DApps: Implement Canto to develop scalable decentralized applications with reduced gas costs.
  • Financial Analysis Tools: Exploit Canto’s market data for thorough financial analysis and market trend forecasting.
  • Wallet Services: Enhance wallet services for Canto users, including transaction oversight and asset management.

Getting Started

Start integrating Canto’s features with the Mobula API by registering for an API key. Consult our detailed documentation for guidance and example code to streamline development.