Hedera API Overview

Mobula API proudly introduces support for Hedera, a high-performance, secure, and governable blockchain platform that stands out for its unique hashgraph consensus mechanism. This integration empowers developers to build applications on Hedera that require fast, fair, and secure transactions with low fees.

Octopus - Market API

  • Market Data Retrieval: Gain access to real-time and historical market data for Hedera assets, indispensable for applications needing accurate and immediate financial insights.
  • Efficient Batch Market Analysis: Fetch market data for several Hedera assets simultaneously, crucial for performing in-depth market research and analysis with efficiency.
  • Trading Pair Identification: Locate relevant trading pairs for Hedera assets, key for exchanges and trading platforms aiming to facilitate seamless transactions.
  • Exhaustive Trading Pair Listings: Compile an extensive inventory of all trading pairs on Hedera, offering developers a comprehensive view of market dynamics.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Portfolio Insights: Delve into NFT holdings in Hedera wallets, essential for NFT marketplaces and collectors seeking fast and secure transactions.
  • Historical Wallet Valuation Analysis: Examine the financial history of wallets on Hedera, providing valuable data for investors and financial analysts looking at trends and performance.
  • Cryptocurrency Holdings Tracking: Monitor the diversity of cryptocurrency portfolios in Hedera wallets, crucial for users managing investments or tracking asset distribution.
  • Detailed Transaction Histories: Access comprehensive logs of wallet transactions on Hedera, enhancing transparency and trust in financial activities.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Listing: Detail all cryptocurrencies and digital assets available on Hedera, facilitating asset discovery and integration for developers.
  • Asset Search by Name: Allow for quick and effective identification of Hedera assets by name, streamlining the development process for incorporating specific cryptocurrencies.
  • Rich Metadata Retrieval: Secure in-depth metadata for assets on Hedera, providing essential information for developers and users making informed decisions.

Example Use Cases

  • High-Performance DApp Development: Utilize Hedera’s capabilities to develop or enhance DApps requiring high transaction throughput, low fees, and robust security.
  • Financial Analysis Applications: Leverage Hedera’s market data to create tools capable of performing complex financial analyses, benefiting from Hedera’s fast and fair transaction consensus.
  • Advanced Wallet Services: Offer sophisticated wallet functionalities that make the most of Hedera’s features, such as fast transaction speeds and secure asset management.

Getting Started

To begin leveraging Hedera’s features for your projects, initiate the process by securing a Mobula API key. Consult our detailed documentation for comprehensive instructions and example codes, ensuring a streamlined development process for applications requiring the unique advantages of Hedera’s blockchain technology.