Metis API Overview

Mobula API now supports Metis, a blockchain platform designed for optimizing decentralized applications with fast transactions and low fees. Our API provides streamlined integration with Metis, giving developers access to a suite of tools for enhancing application performance within the Metis ecosystem.

Octopus - Market API

  • Market Data Access: Obtain both current and historical market information for Metis assets, vital for applications requiring detailed financial insights.
  • Batch Market Data Retrieval: Gather comprehensive market data for various Metis assets concurrently, indispensable for extensive market analysis.
  • Market Pair Discovery: Locate trading pairs relevant to Metis assets, critical for trading and exchange platforms.
  • All Trading Pairs Compilation: Amass a complete directory of Metis trading pairs across numerous exchanges.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Holdings Insight: Explore the NFT portfolios within Metis wallets, essential for NFT platforms and connoisseurs.
  • Historical Net Worth Analysis: Scrutinize the past financial status of Metis wallets, offering valuable insights for investment strategies.
  • Crypto Holdings Review: Assess cryptocurrency portfolios in Metis wallets, key for asset management and oversight.
  • Transaction History Examination: Analyze detailed historical transactions for wallets on the Metis network.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Listing: Present a catalog of all cryptocurrencies on Metis.
  • Asset Search by Name: Enable a streamlined search for Metis assets by their names, improving the efficiency of asset discovery.
  • Metadata Acquisition: Secure extensive metadata for a vast array of assets on Metis, enriching the data accessible to users.

Example Use Cases

  • DeFi Application Engineering: Employ Metis to construct advanced decentralized financial applications leveraging its high performance and scalability.
  • Market Analysis Instrumentation: Utilize the detailed market data from Metis for deep financial analytics and trend identification.
  • Wallet Services Enhancement: Offer Metis users advanced wallet functionalities, including thorough transaction tracking and asset management.

Getting Started

Activate Metis feature integration by securing a Mobula API key. Our thorough documentation and example code are designed to streamline your development process, ensuring a smooth integration journey.