Base API Overview

Mobula API provides comprehensive support for Base, a versatile and scalable blockchain platform designed for a wide array of applications. Our API enables developers to seamlessly integrate with Base, leveraging its flexibility and robust features for diverse blockchain solutions.

Octopus - Market API

  • Get Market Data: Access real-time and historical market data for Base assets, essential for applications requiring current market insights.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve batch market data for multiple Base assets, ideal for comprehensive market analysis.
  • Get Market Pair: Identify trading pairs for Base assets, crucial for exchange and trading platforms.
  • Get All Pairs: List all trading pairs available on Base across various exchanges.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Explore NFT holdings in Base wallets, vital for NFT marketplaces and digital art platforms.
  • Get Historical Net Worth: Analyze the historical net worth of wallets on Base.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: Monitor cryptocurrency holdings within Base wallets.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Access transaction history for Base wallets.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: List all cryptocurrencies available on Base.
  • Search by Name: Search for Base assets by name, simplifying asset discovery.
  • Get Metadata: Obtain detailed metadata for assets on Base.

Example Use Cases

  • Diverse Blockchain Applications: Utilize Base for developing a wide range of blockchain-based applications, given its adaptability.
  • Market Analysis Tools: Leverage Base’s market data for financial analysis and trend prediction.
  • Wallet Functionality: Provide comprehensive wallet services for Base users, including enhanced transaction processing and asset management.
  • Cross-Platform Solutions: Develop solutions that capitalize on Base’s versatility across different blockchain use cases.

Getting Started

To integrate Base features with Mobula API, register for an API key. Our documentation offers detailed guidelines and example codes to facilitate your application development.