Shimmer EVM API Overview

Mobula API is excited to announce support for Shimmer EVM, a scalable and innovative blockchain platform designed to enhance decentralized applications with fast transactions and low costs. Our API makes it easy for developers to integrate Shimmer EVM’s capabilities, opening up new possibilities for DApp functionality and efficiency.

Octopus - Market API

  • Market Data Insights: Access up-to-the-minute and historical market data for Shimmer EVM assets, essential for applications that rely on precise financial information.
  • Batch Market Data Gathering: Collect market data for multiple Shimmer EVM assets simultaneously, facilitating comprehensive market analyses with efficiency.
  • Trading Pair Discovery: Identify key trading pairs within the Shimmer EVM ecosystem, crucial for exchanges and trading platforms looking to optimize liquidity.
  • Comprehensive Trading Pair Enumeration: Compile an exhaustive list of trading pairs on Shimmer EVM, offering a holistic view of the trading environment.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Holdings Examination: Delve into the NFT portfolios of Shimmer EVM wallets, key for marketplaces and collectors aiming to tap into the vibrant Shimmer ecosystem.
  • Historical Wallet Valuation Tracking: Analyze the historical financial performance of wallets on Shimmer EVM, offering insights valuable to investors and analysts.
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio Oversight: Oversee the variety of cryptocurrency holdings in Shimmer EVM wallets, essential for effective asset management and strategic investment.
  • Detailed Transaction Histories: Uncover the transactional history of Shimmer EVM wallets, reinforcing transparency and trust in financial dealings.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Cryptocurrency Listing: Detail all cryptocurrencies and digital assets available on Shimmer EVM, facilitating seamless asset discovery and integration.
  • Asset Search by Name: Allow for quick and effective location of Shimmer EVM assets by name, enhancing usability and developer efficiency.
  • Metadata Retrieval: Obtain comprehensive metadata for assets on Shimmer EVM, equipping developers and users with vital information for informed decision-making.

Example Use Cases

  • Efficient DApp Deployment: Harness Shimmer EVM to develop or upgrade decentralized applications that benefit from enhanced transaction speeds and reduced operational costs.
  • Market Analysis Applications: Utilize Shimmer EVM’s detailed market data to create tools for financial analysis that provide insights into asset trends and market movements.
  • Advanced Wallet Solutions: Offer enriched wallet functionalities that leverage Shimmer EVM’s features for superior asset management and secure transaction processing.

Getting Started

To integrate Shimmer EVM features into your development projects, begin by obtaining a Mobula API key. Explore our extensive documentation for guidelines and sample codes that ensure a smooth and efficient development process, enabling you to take full advantage of Shimmer EVM’s innovative blockchain platform.