Oasis API Overview

Mobula API provides support for Oasis, a privacy-focused blockchain platform designed for open finance and a responsible data economy. Our API facilitates seamless integration with Oasis, enabling developers to access its privacy-preserving features and scalable architecture for various applications.

Octopus - Market API

  • Get Market Data: Access up-to-date and historical market data for Oasis assets, crucial for applications requiring accurate market insights.
  • Get Market Data (batch): Retrieve batch market data for multiple Oasis assets in a single query, ideal for comprehensive market analysis.
  • Get Market Pair: Identify trading pairs for Oasis assets, important for trading platforms and financial applications.
  • Get All Pairs: Compile a list of all trading pairs on Oasis across various exchanges, providing a broad market perspective.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Get NFTs Holdings: Examine NFT holdings in Oasis wallets, essential for NFT marketplaces and collectors.
  • Get Historical Net Worth: Analyze the historical net worth of wallets on Oasis, offering insights for financial analysis.
  • Get Crypto Holdings: View cryptocurrency holdings within Oasis wallets, crucial for portfolio management and tracking.
  • Get Historical Transactions: Access transaction history for Oasis wallets, vital for auditing and financial tracking.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Get All Cryptocurrencies: List all cryptocurrencies available on Oasis.
  • Search by Name: Search for Oasis assets by name, simplifying asset discovery.
  • Get Metadata: Obtain detailed metadata for assets on Oasis, enhancing user information.

Example Use Cases

  • Privacy-Centric Applications: Leverage Oasis’s privacy features for building secure and private financial applications.
  • Market Analysis Tools: Utilize Oasis’s market data for in-depth financial insights and predictions.
  • Wallet Functionality: Provide comprehensive wallet services for Oasis, including transaction history and asset management.
  • Data Economy Solutions: Develop applications that capitalize on Oasis’s responsible data economy principles.

Getting Started

To integrate Oasis features with Mobula API, register for an API key. Our comprehensive documentation provides guidelines and example codes to assist in your development process.