Manta API Overview

Mobula API introduces support for Manta, a blockchain platform that emphasizes privacy and security in decentralized finance. Our API allows developers to easily integrate Manta’s privacy-preserving features into their DApps, expanding the potential for secure and anonymous transactions.

Octopus - Market API

  • Access Market Insights: Retrieve real-time and historical market data for Manta assets, crucial for applications demanding accurate and comprehensive financial information.
  • Batch Data Retrieval: Efficiently collect market data for multiple Manta assets, essential for performing extensive market research and analysis.
  • Identify Trading Pairs: Find trading pairs associated with Manta assets, vital for enhancing liquidity and trading strategies on platforms.
  • Comprehensive Pair Listings: Aggregate all trading pairs related to Manta across various exchanges, providing a broad perspective on market dynamics.

Wallet Explorer API

  • Explore NFT Holdings: Investigate NFT assets held within Manta wallets, important for platforms focused on privacy-centric NFT markets and collectors.
  • Historical Wealth Assessment: Analyze the historical value of wallets operating on Manta, beneficial for financial analysts and investors seeking privacy-focused investments.
  • Crypto Asset Management: Monitor the composition of cryptocurrency holdings in Manta wallets, indispensable for users prioritizing privacy in their portfolio management.
  • Transaction History Overview: Examine the transaction histories of Manta wallets, offering insights into the private and secure transfer of assets.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • List All Cryptocurrencies: Catalog all digital assets available on the Manta network, serving as a comprehensive resource for asset discovery.
  • Efficient Asset Search: Facilitate the discovery of Manta assets by name, optimizing the process for users and developers alike.
  • Acquire Detailed Metadata: Obtain in-depth metadata for assets on Manta, enhancing the informational richness for developers and end-users.

Example Use Cases

  • Privacy-Enhanced DApps: Utilize Manta’s unique privacy features to develop DApps that offer enhanced security and anonymity for financial transactions.
  • Secure Financial Tools: Leverage the privacy aspects of Manta’s market data to build financial analysis tools that respect user confidentiality.
  • Advanced Wallet Features: Provide users with sophisticated wallet functionalities that emphasize privacy and security in asset management.

Getting Started

To begin integrating Manta features into your projects, register for a Mobula API key. Dive into our detailed documentation for guidance and sample codes to facilitate a smooth and efficient development process.