Polygon zkEVM API Overview

Mobula API now facilitates integration with Polygon zkEVM, a cutting-edge Layer 2 scaling solution utilizing zero-knowledge proofs to ensure Ethereum compatibility while enhancing scalability and privacy. Our API provides the necessary tools for developers to incorporate Polygon zkEVM’s advanced functionalities into their DApps, optimizing for both performance and security.

Octopus - Market API

  • Market Insight Access: Obtain real-time and historical data for assets within the Polygon zkEVM ecosystem, crucial for applications that require detailed market analysis.
  • Efficient Batch Data Collection: Perform batch retrievals of market data for multiple Polygon zkEVM assets, a key feature for comprehensive market studies.
  • Trading Pair Identification: Locate trading pairs related to Polygon zkEVM assets, essential for exchanges and trading applications aiming for high liquidity.
  • All-Inclusive Trading Pair Listings: Compile a list of all trading pairs available on Polygon zkEVM across various platforms, offering a wide view of market opportunities.

Wallet Explorer API

  • NFT Portfolio Exploration: Delve into the NFT holdings within Polygon zkEVM wallets, catering to marketplaces and collectors looking for privacy-focused assets.
  • Historical Value Tracking: Assess the historical valuation of wallets on Polygon zkEVM, providing insights valuable to investors and financial analysts.
  • Cryptocurrency Holdings Monitoring: Keep tabs on the cryptocurrency portfolios in Polygon zkEVM wallets, crucial for users and portfolio managers prioritizing security and privacy.
  • Detailed Transaction Histories: Access comprehensive transaction logs for Polygon zkEVM wallets, ensuring transparency and security in asset transfers.

Metacore - Metadata API

  • Cryptocurrency Cataloging: Enumerate all digital currencies and assets available on Polygon zkEVM, aiding in asset discovery and research.
  • Streamlined Asset Searching: Enable users to find Polygon zkEVM assets quickly by name, enhancing usability and developer interaction.
  • Extensive Asset Metadata: Collect rich metadata for assets on Polygon zkEVM, providing developers and users with detailed information to inform their decisions.

Example Use Cases

  • Scalable DApp Deployment: Leverage Polygon zkEVM to deploy decentralized applications that require high throughput, low fees, and Ethereum-level security.
  • Privacy-Focused Financial Analysis: Utilize Polygon zkEVM’s market data to create financial tools that respect user anonymity while delivering insightful analysis.
  • Enhanced Wallet Functionality: Offer advanced wallet services that harness Polygon zkEVM’s features for secure, private, and efficient asset management.

Getting Started

Begin leveraging Polygon zkEVM’s innovative features by obtaining a Mobula API key. Explore our extensive documentation for detailed guidance and example code, streamlining your integration efforts for a seamless development experience.